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The Memorial Day Writers' Project

Coming Events (An invitation to participate …)
Subject: An Invitation to Participate

Activity: Poetry, Prose and Song
Purpose: To Honor our Veterans
Date: Each Memorial Day and Veteran's Day
Time: 11:30 AM-5:30 PM
Location: Washington, D.C., Behind the sidewalk facing Constitution Ave near 20th St

A message from veterans Clyde Wray and Dick Epstein: 

Tradition Survives Because Of You. Once again, it's time to share and mend, time to lament and repeat names of the triumphant so they are not forgotten. Time once again for the Memorial Day Writers' Project. Let us welcome each other home under our TENT on the National Mall and remember what Memorial Day represents. Come and listen or come share; but do come.

For too many years we've been in conflict and we've seen our brethren return wounded with torn souls. Many of us have been there, had our souls go un-mended, but we, brothers-in-arms, comrades-be you Navy, Air Force, Army or Marine-we've learned how to fix some of what ails us. By banding together under a tent near the Wall and sharing our experiences through music, poetry, song, a play, a letter sent or a story told and repeated.

We who have been there, whether infantrymen, signalmen, truck driver, cook, medic, mechanic, pilot or supply clerk-you who spent time in the hot glaring sun, you who floated in a cesspool of never-ending rain, clogged deep in mud or blinded in a white-out trudging forward in snow covered terrain. All of you have something to contribute-to welcome our young veterans home and to remind them they are not alone.

Corporate sponsors are needed to help pay for our activity. A few hundred dollars goes a long way and helps ensure we continue to serve our fellow veterans as well as educate the general public.

I'm looking forward to seeing you on the National Mall in Washington, D.C.

Dick Epstein



If you would like to participate, please let me know.  We hold bi-annual annual readings at outr tent east of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington D.C. each Memorial Day and Veterans Day, behind the sidewalk facing Constitution Ave and 20th Street. Readings start at 11:30 AM and continue to 5:30 PM. All are welcome to participate. Bring your guitar, your stories, your poems.

For additional information, contact Mike McDonell at MMcdon5805@aol.com or Dick Epstein at Dick_Epstein@hotmail.com

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