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The Memorial Day Writers' Project

Mission Statement…

We are Vietnam Veterans and friends of veterans; we are writers, musicians, and artists. We are a collective of friends, some veterans, some not, all of whom were formed or affected by the crucible of war. We gather to share our creative talents through public readings, performances, and other endeavors.

The Memorial Day Writers' Project (MDWP) is non-profit, non-political, and has no affiliation with any religious group or movement. Our purpose is to create, educate, share and inform ourselves and those who gather with us. We are warriors and fellow travelers of a certain kind: we have no enemy except tyranny; we abhor it in any guise and seek to free what it enslaves --- heal what it despoils. Our weapons are our hearts and our minds.

The goals of the Memorial Day Writers Project are:

• To continue to memorialize and remember those men and women who sacrificed themselves in Wars --- not only the Vietnam War, but all Wars, world-wide.

• To deliver personal and unromanticized message about War and its aftermath.

• To provide public educational forums and performance venues for those who have yet to be heard, as well as for those who wish to hear.

• To participate in public educational forums and performance venues sponsored by others and with others who respect our right of free expression as we respect theirs.

• To promote and foster the creative and educational process among the collective group and among those who have been touched by or in contact with the MDWP.

• To offer a positive and conciliatory legacy in the aftermath of the Vietnam War to our generation and to the generations that follow.

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