Douglas Bergman


Doug is a playwright, author, and poet.  He was awarded the Charles Shelton Welcome Home Award for veterans of note and remains a POW/MIA speaker and activist. He recently wrote a prose poetry book of true stories about many of the memorable people he met while serving as a 1st Lt. Combat Infantry Platoon Leader with the 101 Airborne while serving in country from 1969 to 1970.



Lonely in a Noisy House


Three TVs blare at vacant eyes

Alone he sets aspirin in two neat rows

On pages full of angry cries

Stained by whiskey wishes

Gulps their affection running across the floor

To tell his buddy that lives next door


Empty rooms scream all his fears

Starving by a fridge full of affection.

In whiskey wild fire hazy years

Blazing holes in a charred black heart,

Desperate but can't fill the lonely

Anymore with fringed flowers only

So he lies alone

And coughs in his room



PopCorn and Hot Tea


Beyond the trees, the battle fires blazed,

Body bags and empty graves waiting.

Graceland poets sang joyously,

Bozo's Circus tickets had finally come.

In Abraham?s restful shadow,

Prom dates were sealed with stolen kisses.

At the horizon of the sixties sun afar,

Rose armies of bloody arms

Through the haze of hemp and hate.

Daddy daddy tell me true,

Freedom's just your red, white and blue?

On Graceland echoed what father knew best,

Fading sermons do as I unto you,

Mop haired prophets beating

Love me do koo koo ka choo.

Graceland's wise trees weeping

For the last suburb sheep about to die.

Mom's little helpers scream our world's free.

The death rush reveals a bloody line,

War's not hell it's just the truth,

Each tribe must come to see and sigh.

Every child of any rainbow grew old

In the next mangled flesh line and lie,

Freedom?s only free and peaceful

Near Graceland's wise fat trees,

No purchase required, comes with batteries.



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