William Carrington

William (Lad) Carrington used to ride his Harley from North Carolina to participate in Rolling Thunder and one day he discovered the open mic venue at the Memorial Day Writers’ Project. Lad is an author, journalist, poet, historian, and ex radio announcer.

Another Wall

Around our Nation’s Capitol
In Washington DC
Are monuments and statues
To those who shaped our history

Some are tall and mighty
Their grandeur unsurpassed
They remind us of the stature
Of our leaders from the past

The monuments are gigantic
Like the spirits there portrayed
Jefferson, Washington, and Lincoln
Among those who paved our way

But there are some more subtle
Around the National Mall
Three that aren’t so high — just long
They are only simple walls

These walls don’t reach to lofty heights
With figures looking down
They are low and simple in design
And snake along the ground

They don’t inspire cheers and shouts
Provoke quiet respect instead
These tributes enshrine the ones who sleep
In the Bivouac of the Dead

Inscribed along each granite face
Each carved with skill and care
The names of those who laid their lives
Upon freedom’s alter there

They paid the ultimate sacrifice
Our country asked them for
They paid for freedom — ours today
That they never would enjoy

Our Nation’s National Treasure
Is the life-blood of its youth
It’s more valuable than gold or oil
More precious than right or truth

Columbia’s grown sad and weary
She needs peace now most of all
She doesn’t want another sacrifice

And we don’t need another Wall

Yesterday’s Heroes

We’re in a brand new era
The country’s in a daze
Our hearts are all inspired
Our spirits in ablaze

We stand together holding hands
We’re thinking now as one
For nothing so united us
As the hell of 911

We got back up and standing
Dusted off and struck right back
We made our enemy hurt and cry
For their cowardly attack

Now we have some brand new heroes
In uniforms and suits
Some had tried to stop the perps
Some just doing what they do

Some were sent to foreign lands
To stop the infidel
Some others went to despot town
To ring the Freedom Bell

But there are other heroes
From not so long ago
They went away - their duty strong
Where they were asked to go

They didn’t fight a techno war
Or wrap it up in days
They didn’t die in handfuls
They fell in scores along the way

It wasn’t over in a few weeks
Took ten long years instead
Sixty thousand girls and boys
Were left behind or dead

They didn’t get the hero’s due
No laurels round their brow
Our nation turned its face away
They are still owed even now

No ticker tape parades in town
Just some statues and a wall
God bless those folks from yesterday
They’re my heroes after all.

A Name On A Wall

Do you know who I am?
You should for I am part of you
My spirit is forever entwined with yours
And my name is written on a wall.

Do you know me yet?
I once lived and breathed as you
I loved — and someone loved me
And now my name is written on a wall.

But that wall is not all there is of me
For I am a part of all that you are
And you carry me with you
Unseen — as I travel in the wind

My love for our land has taken me many places
Most with names I’d never heard
And I left a part of me at each place
And I left a part of you there too

I was at Alamance and Anzio
I fell at Gettysburg and bled on both sides
at The Little Bighorn
I slept in French mud Korean snow and sand near Baghdad
And my life ended in Asia leaving my name —
written on a wall

Perhaps you failed to notice as I passed by you
Sometimes I was a man and sometimes a woman
My face in shades of white, red, black, and yellow
And wearing uniforms of homespun, blue, gray,
buckskin, and olive

Do you know me now?
I was called to pay with my life
A heavy tax to bear — but freedom is costly
And only you can make it worth the price

You must make my sacrifice have value
For I am a part of you and your freedom
I am your past, your present, and your future
I am not just monuments or numbers in a history book

And I am not — Just A Name On A Wall.