Roy Correnti


Roy served with the 3rd Marine Division from September 1967 to October 1968 as an Artillery Weapons Repairman. He traveled throughout the Northern I Corps, especially Con Thien, Gio Linh, C1 & C2, the Rockpile, Khe Sanh, Camp Carrol, Cam Lo, Qua Viet, and Dong-Ha firebase-12th Marines where he acquired a close relationship with the local 105's, 155's, M48 Tanks, 8-inch self propelled, and the 175-MM Long Tom.  His best friends at the time: Wally Tyma and his M60.  Roy spent his time as carpenter, automotive and diesel mechanic, poet, singer, and songwriter in the Boston area.  Roy has been a big supporter of the Memorial Day Writers' Project and we always feel his presence.  He was a great blues singer and he played a mean slide guitar. 


War is Hell, Don't Go In There


We never lost a battle

playing war games stateside....

The enemy we fought

would never compare.


No jungle heat, nor monsoon rains

no terrain just quite preparing.

Incoming!  What's that?

AK's crack and rocket's freight train whoosh!


Oh! Yeah baby we're ready to go.

Rock n' Roll, Lock n' Load...

All ready on the firing line.

Shooters watch your targets.


Delta Med Dong Ha,

The heli pad LZ of airstrip matting

Walking wounded to triage

Take your time with these boys_

graves and registration please.


This is my rifle, this is my gun.

Charlie didn't think it was funny_

He sure wasn't in it for the money.

Only hope to make it honey.


Contact teams get down to the chopper pad_

Check your tools and equipment.

Ah yes! Tool box, M-16, 14 mags,

18 rounds per, 2 canteens, K-Bar, frags,

willie pete, first aid pouch and C-Rats.


Never rode a chopper before?

Nothin' to it_

Sit on the tool box.

Why all the flak jackets and sandbags?

Fucking new guy huh!


Contact Team riding Highway 1!

Tyma man just me and you bro.

We flip up the windshield at the main gate,

don't wanna get hit with flying glass.

Never think of gettin' taken P.O.W.

We're invincible us two!


Checkpoint Alpha, Cam Lo River.

Pontoon Bridge, Seabee built.

Grunts on the road mine sweeping.

"You guys got an all clear to the firebase."

"Okay, thanks brother, but I'm

still not taking any chances."


Letters Home...

Don't make em worry.

Try being cheery.

Incoming mail, God bless these folks.


Perimeter Defense Dong Ha

Can't trust no one, scared shit

Gooks in the wire, 4th of July---

Why's he hit, please don't let him die.


Let's go Boston, you're night sniper.

Starlight scoped, eerie glow.

Silhouette's locked on

Breathe Relax Aim Squeeze Shoot!


Listening post outside the line.

Quiet now, listen up in no man's land.

"Hey Spiderman did you see that?"

"What? Naw man ain't no V.C.

That's a grave man."

"Are you sure?"

Wish somebody would light up the sky...

Key the handset "sit rep all secure!"


E.O.D. Security Platoon.

M-60 extra barrel and ammo.

Never know they just might try us.

Dong Ha Mountain you beautiful bastard,

Stand down and haul ass.


Burning shitters black smoke billows.

Like Charlie needs a reference marker.

Thump, thump, thump I hear those

Rounds leaving the tubes...

Incoming! Suck red dirt,

Get lower than the ground.


War is hell, Hell is War....

Don't go in there,

Slam the door.

Death seems peaceful,

Surviving's Hell...

War is Hell... Don't go in there!



The Perimeter    


I watch the sun, it slowly sets?

As curfew now begins.

The silence all around me,

Excites a chill throughout my skin.


My claymores all in place out front?

Bout fifteen meters out.

Machine guns locked and loaded

Prepared to show its clout?


With watchful eyes and senses keen,

I patiently await?

My enemy whose never seen,

He may decide my fate.


From dusk till dawn of every night?

Eternally they pass,

And with this night I've aged some more,

With nerves like shattered glass.



Alone in the Night


In time of darkness when shadows are gone,

and the wicked are out seeking prey.

'Tis only at night when they make their plight,

until the sun brings the dawn!

Not devils or demons or witches are they,

and your questions what might they be?

While only you walk all alone in the dark,

afraid of what you might see!

A noise it sings out in the back of your mind,

and afraid you quicken your pace.

For alone in the night with no vision or sight,

to find what's ahead or behind.



Thank You My Teachers    


Learning to mourn, learning to grieve

Learning to give, learning to receive

Finding friends after years of desolate isolation

Seeing the hopelessness and futility of my situation

Praying always praying, bargaining knowing I

wouldn't hold up my end of the bargain!


Learning to hide, learning to numb

Learning after many years of denial

Found friends I'd had but never met till now

Like an onion they peeled me?with love and care.

Gently touching my soul, one after another they came,

uncovering this onion layer by layer.


Unfolding always unfolding the real person inside of me.

My friends, you are my teachers.

Thanks just isn't good enough from me.

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