Kenneth Lee

Ken served in Viet Nam with the 3rd Mar Div, 3rd Btn, 9th Marines from ?68 to ?69 until he was medivaced out. He served in Dong Ha, Khesan, Quaviet, Ashaw Valley, Valentines Ridge, Quang Tri City, Dakron Valley, Camp Caroll, Fire Base Cunningham, and other areas of operation throughout III Corps. Ken received three purple hearts. He is currently working for NASA as software/hardware integration engineer on the Space Shuttle Project. Ken is a seven-time state, national, and world champion in the Martial Arts and was awarded the "Black Sash" in the Tien Shan Pai Kungfu system.  He has been writing for over thirty years and has published Whispers of Reality, a book of poems and short stories. He is working on Sugar Coated Smiles, a children?s book of poems and pictures and a novel titled Marines in the Mist.


I Once Breathed The Fire Of Dragons


I once breathed the fire of Dragons

With the thirst of a warrior true

And my heart was charged with rage

I was the instrument of death and mayhem

That brought fear to the souls of my enemies


For I once breathed the fire of Dragons

And in my rage I conquered dreams and ideas

But I was lost, until I drank the silence of the world

I was invisible until I sensed the reason for existence

And then, did my blade become dull and my will confused


For I once breathed the fire of Dragons

That tested my lust for life and engulfed my sanity

With a rainbow of idealistic dreams called nightmares

And to this day, when night becomes a blanket of fear

I thank God, that I have evolved from whence I came


For I once breathed the fire of Dragons

And I learned from the hardships of life to endure

To look forward, vice the place, where war was the answer

To a place where once I starved my soul for honor

Crouching from reality, as I plunged my dagger deep


For I once breathed the fire of Dragons

And now my heart seeks intolerance and peace

Despite the bloodstained sword of valor, I stand erect

I have tasted and enjoyed the flavor of peace

I have made friendships with existence and devotion


For I once breathed the fire of Dragons

And unbeknown to me, being passive made me stronger

And I learned the value of friendship and trust

Casting down my instruments of war and death

Flinging to the wind my cavlaw shield and helmet

To build nations with ideals and peace, without the wars

For I once  breathed the fire  of Dragons




Letter from a Solder


My love, I write to you between the spurts of violent death

That confronts me as I do the solders part in this coldness

Of bitter war, that transforms souls into animals of chance

And leave on the battleground, the many corpses of flesh


Forward we marched into the fiery arms of death, or on to glory

The strong heart of the darkened solder, armed with just courage

And the bayonet of justice, watching only for and instant, death

Falling around his steps to hold the line, and go strongly forward


Splattering of red death and gore of comrades, their glory met

On the battlefield of life, with the musket balls of prejudice

Looming over deeds of valor, and perseverance in gallant acts

That marks the true virtue of the common man of principles


Forward we marched, to for-fill our destiny, and path to life

Where we thought the slavery would end, an end to the persecution

Of our countless generation of warriors, of men of color, who fought on

That stood the ground and pressed onward into battle, victory won


Forward we marched, shoulder to shoulder with heart and sword in hand

To fight the battle being waged in the minds and soul of all mankind

I smite thee with the sword of valor, and challenge your soul to resist

The agony of the darkened solders plight for freedom, of spirit and soul


 Oh, fight I must, these shattered bones of mine do cry for help

Though fruitless, are my efforts of comfort, as still I fight on

Through the darkened hours of my life, my duty as a loyal solder

To my cause, the end, will not be won, in my lifetime of hope


Onward into battle, my path is set by destinies hand of fate

Which reaps the sorrow of my tear stained cheek and blouse

With the blood of fallen comrades, of this fight for glory

At great cost and payment, to the reaper of the hearts and souls


March on, to the tune of the fife and drum, march on to glory

And feel the courage of desire, the courage to sing the elusive song

The song of the freedom bird, and not the vulture of the battlefield

And only then, shall the solders fight for the high ground, be won


Only then will my heart be returned, to you my love

Intact with feeling, that we shall share this freedom won

And insure another generation, where those that bled and died

Have secured for all, life and liberty, and the pursuit of happiness


I say farewell for now, my love, for the bugle sounds the call to charge

The bugle sounds the call, for us to die or go forward, to share the victory song

Through the sacrifice of mind and body, to reap the cost of freedom

Onward into battle, for this I give to you my love, my cry for freedom


Oh, how I long to be in your arms again and put behind me, this conflict

That I am duty bound, to this task of war, this errant of merciless folly

That will claim is time, even me, that hungers for your love and charm

Again, I say farewell my love, for victory or death, calls me forward


So kiss my son for me my love, and tell him of the path upon which I dwell

With my future in the hands of God, and my life in the skill of my courage

Tell him of his father?s quest, and battle cry for freedom and justice

And by the might of God, I will return


Your Loving Husband




Corporal Ezekial Hunt

                                                            4th Colored Infantry Regiment

United States Colored Troops

April 12, 1863




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