Tom McLean

Tom grew up in a military family that reaches back to the Civil War. His father served as a military advisor in Vietnam in the 1950’s. Tom was drafted into the Army and served as an MP. He spent his entire tour in the Qui Nhon area with the 127th MP Company and the 177th MP Detachment. He had the pleasure of participating during the 1968 TET Offensive and spent his free time at the Holy Family Hospital, where he and other GIs were welcomed by the Catholic Nuns of the Medical Mission Sister Order. Tom has participated with the MDWP since its very first reading in Washington, DC on Veterans Day, 1993. Tom can be contacted at

To hear some of Tom's original songs, click on any of the files listed below.

Hostile Times (A quick look at the McLean household during the first call for fighting men starting in 1861).

I am an Aging Veteran (About the demons of war still chasing our veterans today).

Mission of a Different Kind (A true story about two Marines who by chance ran into each other
in a small town in West VA. They still go on missions together; but now they
walk the streets looking for those in need).

Spirits of the Wall (With wailing harmonica and guitar, Tom tells of the veterans'
emotional connection to the Wall).

Humanitarian Salute (A tribute to all of the Catholic Nuns from the old school days who helped
shaped a young boy's character).

Living Only in Others Dreams (A song about a boy who died young serving his country and now only lives
in the dreams of others).

We Were There (Tom's signature song that reflects on what our veterans did in Southeast Asia
and they how undertook their tasks with pride and the importants
of remembering those who did not return).

Oh Grandfathers

(A mythical conversation with Tom’s
Civil War ancestors about the state of veteran affairs back then and now).

I Remember

(A song about how a certain sight, sound or event can grab one's minds and transport
us back unwillingly to another time and place; a place where we may not want to be).