Richard Morris

Richard (Dick) Morris is the author of two books and a CD of songs written while he was stationed in Vietnam. He was a 2nd Lt. rifle platoon leader in the 2nd Battalion, Fifth Cavalry, 1st Cavalry Division during the second half of 1967. In 1968, he was a 1st Lt. Battalion Communications Officer (battalion songwriter and historian) for the 2/5. Anyone in the Cav. would be familiar with the subject matter in his songs. Dickís Skytroopers CD is available at Lyrics can be seen at

To hear some of Richard's original songs, click on any of the files listed below.

(An alluring song about Richardís elusive friend, Charlie).

Digging a Hole
(An award-winning song about fox holes and sleeping holes dug
to protect all grunts).

Bong Son Bridge
(A catchy tune about the easy duty when guarding the Bong Song Bridge).

It's a Long Road to Hoe
(A marching song with the sound of boots for determination and voices
disappointment at the lack of support from folks back home).

When's the Sun Gonna Shine on Camp Evans?
(Monsoon season at the northern HQ of the 1st Cav).

Charlie's Gone From Khe Sanh
(A slow wistful tune. With 1,000 dead, 19,000 called it quits
and fled during Operation Pegasus, 31 March 68).