Jonathan Myer and Dave McKay

Jonathan Myer and Dave McKay served as Forward Air Controllers (FACs). Dave flew the O-2A Oscar Deuce (aka Cessena O-2 Skymaster) out of Pleiku Air Base on out-of-country missions over Laos. Jonathan flew the the O-1E Bird Dog (aka L-19), as an in-country FAC and spent a several weeks patrolling the DMZ. Jonathan and Dave sing about the life of the FAC and fighter pilot in traditional Air Force style.

Anyone interested in learning more about combat flying missions during the Southeast Asia War and the songs that
describe them, or where to find CDs or DVDs that document them — please contact Jonathan Myer at:

To hear a sampling of some of the songs sung on the Mall, click on any of the files listed below.

FAC and the Green Beret (Jonathan Myer)

Willie Willbanks' One Man War (Jonathan Myer)

My Peace Song (Jonathan Myer)

Oscar Deuce (Dave McKay)

I Fly the Line (Dave McKay)