James Stewart

Jimmy Stewart (aka Tanker) arrived in country in May of 1968 and spent his time with Bravo 2-1 B Company, 1st Bn, 69th Armor Regiment (Black Berets) in an M48A3 tank. He patrolled II Corps from Bong Son to Duc Co and from Dak To to Plei Djereng. Jim now lives on One Horse Ranch in Mudhole, Oklahoma and likes to spend his time reading, gardening, and spending his evenings on his front porch sipping a little white lightening, singing country songs, and playing his guitar.

Click on any of the links below to hear him chew out his troops and play a few songs.

Shadows on a Wall

Ain't No Use

Oakie From Muskogee

Deep in the Heart of Taxes

A Yellow Ribbon